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Quick tips for sellers and buyers:

Do not always believe the information you find on TV, in the newspapers and limited service real estate companies/websites. Find a full time professional – REALTOR® – who knows the market and is a real estate consultant. Make sure you like your representative as a professional and a person.


1. Make sure you know the real estate market in your neighborhood – real estate is very local.

2. Make your home ready for sale:

1)      Pay special attention to the landscaping and exterior;

2)      Get rid of the clutter;

3)      Make sure your home looks spacious and bright;

4)      Make sure there are no odors in your home;

5)      Paint your home in soft colors

3. Give the prospective buyers their space when they visit your home.


1. Don’t over-extend yourself financially.

2. Find a local lender you can talk to in person.

3. Learn about the area you want to live in and find a Realtor® who specializes in that area.

4. Plan for resale.

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